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How to Increase Online Security with Smartphones and Computers

How to Increase Online Security
with Smartphones, Tablets and Computers

If you use a notebook computer, desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any phone for that matter; your device, and therefore you, are vulnerable to a plethora of malware. We all are, that is just a fact of life in this digital age. But just because we're vulnerable, doesn't mean we have to be easy prey.

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  • We eliminate IT related frustrations for small businesses in the Capital – Saratoga Region
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Predictions for 2014

Here are some events and technologies which I believe will have an impact in 2014.
There will be a major government data breach which will impact hundreds of thousands of people and put them at risk as there personal information will be compromised.
Smartphones and tablets will continue to work their way into the business environment. Businesses will need to embrace the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement to keep employees happy.
Samsung will be the device maker of choice for smartphones and tablets.
The public will become more aware of the vulnerability of their data.
The government will try to monetize the Internet.
At least one person you know will become a victim of a cyber attack.

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